ceramic grinding ball 
    Textile Ceramics 
    Electrical Ceramics 
    ceramic heating elements 
    Chemical Ceramics 
    Mechanical Ceramics 
    Temperature Ceramics 
    ceramic head 
    Cellular Ceramics 
    Engineering Ceramics 
    ceramic welding parts 
    Ceramic nozzle 
    Precision Ceramics 
    Ceramic lamps 
    porcelain ceramic rods 
    Cordierite ceramics
    first ceramic ignition 
    HF porcelain 
    heater ceramic
Yixing City, Jiangsu Province, Shen Xingzhe porcelain-Press Parts Plant located in the renowned scenic Taihu coast - Yixing. Professional production of electrical ceramics, textile and ceramics, ceramic heating elements, ceramic instruments, machinery ceramics, industrial ceramics, ceramic nozzle, ceramic ignition first, cellular ceramic, chemical ceramics, ceramic engineering, fever ceramics, zirconia ceramics, alumina ceramics, fine ceramics, porcelain Talc , high-frequency ceramic and porcelain pipe, ceramic rods, miscellaneous pieces of porcelain, ceramic 99.95 various pieces of porcelain products, products widely used for various temperature ceramic shell, various lamps and various electrical lamp, a high pressure, high temperature, high dielectric strength, excellent mechanical strength and good electrical properties. Popular as throughout the country and abroad.
The first plant products, quality, user supremacy, credibility-based enterprises in purpose. I plant all are welcome to visit the exhibitions, all for domestic workers-the old and new customer service.

Plant products under the customer's request. To kind of customization to the specifications of the various products
Yixing City, Shen Xing Copyright Ceramic Factory Tel:0510-87441183
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